TAHUI is named after a powerful, strong and independent women. Like many others, appearance and self-love has been an ongoing battle that just seems to never end. I realised that together, through looking and feeling fabulous, we can encourage and empower not only ourselves but eachother. Tahui was born to guide the lost to self-love, to free the bad thoughts and turn them into happiness through health and fabulous activewear. 
























The next part of our journey to self-love and looking absolutely fabulous is emphasising our need to acknowledge our raw and real beauty.  Tahui is about embracing the life, the love, and the body we have and when we feel fabulous and powerful in our our appearance, we are unstoppable. It is time to stop comparing yourself to what you see online and look in the mirror and embrace the beauty that is right infront of you. Tahui is a brand, a community, and a movement that aims to break through these ideals of what perfection is defined as and encourages people of all shapes, sizes, ages and colour that we are perfect.


Tahui Active is named after my G-ma (grandma) “Tahui Pare”. My G-ma has been such an inspirational and loving person in my life.  She has taught me the meaning of love, kindness and compassion, teaching me the value of life, gratitude and to love me for who I am and not what others want me to be.