Tahui Active: Sweating it out with soul

Chatting with Ani Crawford, it is hard to believe she is only 20. Being a young businesswoman and mother with a fantastic brand, Ani speaks with kindness and knowledge well beyond her years. Owner and creator of Tahui Active Ani Crawford. Source

Tahui Active was created when Ani was 18, she had a dream to develop size-inclusive clothes and that could make everyone feel good. 

“My initial inspiration was from the women in my family. I come from a background of bigger women, all of my aunties, my nan, my mum, they all quite bigger women and they’ve always struggled to find clothes that fit them, clothes that feel nice and made them feel good.”

She says.

“My mum has always had self-confidence issues there was one day where she was telling me where she wanted to get healthy and she couldn’t find any clothes in her size. That really sparked it for me.” Ani said.

So then begins Ani’s vision of Tahui Active. A journey to size inclusiveness and empowerment for her customers and community

 Ani says she is lucky to have support always by her side but wants people to know that having a business is not easy. 

“It’s really, really hard work, especially being so young having a baby.”

 Reminiscing on the day she knew she was pregnant was the day of her very first launch. Although it is difficult running a business with a baby, Ani now has her daughter Harlem as her biggest motivation.

“A lot of hard work and a lot of the motivation I have now is through my daughter.”

 “I want her to grow up knowing she can grow up to be whatever she wants, be whatever size and can have the confidence to speak up with herself, and I want her to grow up in a world where there are no beauty standards.”

Ani wants to set an example for Harlem to show her the importance of hard work and commitment. 

“I want her to see through me that you can have confidence in your size and you can do whatever you put your mind to and that all bodies are normal, you shouldn’t define your worth on the size of your body.”

Laughing a little bit embarrassed I had to admit that I had seen Tahui Active during a mindless scroll of TikTok, I saw Ani post her story and brand, Ani explains how great the app has been for her business. 

“It’s been amazing! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for TikTok. I shared my story and we just blew up. I had all the beautiful women messaging me, showing me support and my brand support. I don’t want popularity, I want to grow my brand with women to empower them.” 

In final words, Ani is excited and hoping for a future with less ridiculous beauty standards and more self-love, yes Ani! 

“My end goal ultimately is to normalise size inclusivity. I’m really excited; I can’t wait for the future.”

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Aug 24, 2020 Monday

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